About Twitterscap.es

Twitterscap.es are a collection of abstract images formed from data collected from Twitter

right now's Twitterscape

The Concept

Twitter background

Twitterscap.es are abstracted images of data consumed by Twitter users at any given time, in the form of Tweets, or readable 140-character statements. Twitter users are able to "tweet" (write these statements & post to followers) or read others' tweets through subscription (or "following".) With millions of tweets per second, Twitter is one of the busiest social networks in the world, and carries topics relevant to people's lives in real time all around the world.

Twitterscap.es — Art from Twitter

Twitterscap.es generates abstracted images of tweets, using tweets and (public) user profile information. The images are generated by replacing each character of each tweet with a "pixel," akin to a LTR monospace font, and a color from the tweeter's online profile.

Twitterscap.es images abstractly represent a moment in time for a twitter user, permanizing the tweets that user would be reading, and creating a snapshot of the moment through the colorful ways that their chosen community chooses to sound off.

At Twitterscap.es, we find the Twitter phenomenon to be conceptually engaging and have created Twitterscap.es to promote a sense of permanence for Twitter users and fans, as well as added value to the Twitter experience through the creation of art through the data medium.

Types of Scapes


A Twitterscape with its origins in Twitter's now-antiquated public timeline. This was the most popular type of Twitterscape until the great API switch of 2012 to 2013 where twitter did away with the public timeline, altogether. These Twitterscapes were convenient to make and did not require twitter login.


A Twitterscape made by a user of the tweets they see on their home timeline of the users they follow. Make one now!


A Twitterscape made by a user of the most recent mentions of their handle. Make one now!


A Twitterscape made by a user search for a term or hashtag. Make one now!

My Tweets

A Twitterscape made from a collection of the author's timeline. Make one now!