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This is a digital representation of Twitter's public timeline at Friday, March 29, 2013 2:55:44. When creating a Twitterscape, this app:

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  • @ZazochiThe new pope is part of a diabolical deep seeded plan to reconstruct the catholic churches public persona.
  • @codepo8Ungrounded: 100 Geeks On A Plane Hope To Solve Skills Problem - - being elitist and burning fuel solves problems?
  • @Mike_FTWRT @sfeuer: @Mike_FTW @joelhousman YOU ARE BOTH ASSHOLES
  • @SantaFeDesignART via NYTimes - Fay Kanin, 95, Writer for Movies and TV: Ms. Kanin wrote come... #Travel
  • @SFMOMA"I'm wearing a wig! It's made of my own hair. I liked my hair so much I made a wig out of it." Artist Anne McGuire has magic up her sleeve.
  • @Jesus_M_ChristHey remember that time I said kill or hate anyone who doesn't believe in me? Yeah, neither do I.
  • @codepo8Fixing appcache: a proposal to get us started
  • @dreadfullyposh@KyleCotter wait.. So @justjessdc isn’t going with you?
  • @alicinnniRT @mbrownsta: decide to act on your emotions by eating your feelings and watching sad movies...then the problem gets fixed with you emo ...
  • @Mike_FTWShockers are making it airtight tonight.
  • @ArchivalMethods15 common photo printer problems and DIY solutions #photography
  • @codepo8CSS3 – know your arsenal – a show and tell at #Posscon -
  • @Mike_FTWHey @joelhousman, can you please make a “YOU CAN’T IGNORE MIKE” sign and tape it to the TV for Steff? Thanks, man.
  • @MiaFarrowWatch the very cool @Cmdr_Hadfield: exercise in space - video .
  • @mashableIt turns out that adults are worse than teenagers when it comes to texting while driving
  • @codeforamericaRT @CityintheMaking: Who thinks #Denver should apply to bring @codeforamerica here in 2014? We do!!
  • @pourmecoffeeWow, from @Cmdr_Hadfield this is tonight's launch of Soyuz rocket taken from the ISS, where it is headed.
  • @winsontangCanucks players happy Jarome Iginla traded east #canucks
  • @DooneyStudioIt took me a long time to adjust to a studio that's surrounded by other people. I'm not sure I like it, but it's better for my mental health