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  • @CampaignMonitor"41% of emails are opened on a mobile device." #emailfact ^RH
  • @designmilk.@methodtweet's design goal? Complete disruption of the air care market.
  • @FastCompanyGood news! A study finds you don't need to be a super-athlete to become an astronaut. by @cgayomali
  • @mashableRT @MashableLive: Well, if we learned anything today it's that Scotland has a sense of humor. #indyref…
  • @ianlandsmanIt is interesting in the keynote they called it a computer on a chip. Perhaps there could be some semi easy way to swap it to extend life
  • @justjessdcRT @IPC1998: IPC VISUAL LAB PHOTO WORKSHOP We are back! Beginning and Independent Study classes start September 27th. ……
  • @balloonfiestaWelcome pilot L. Jane Schill, flying Whispering Spirit. This pilot comes from the great state of New Mexico!
  • @mithra62@justjessdc oh yeah; absolutely.
  • @Zazochi#NM sunset. #now
  • @magdasawonRT @BenRothenberg: C-SPAN is streaming the live BBC coverage of the Scottish referendum. I'll be glued for the next several hours: http://t…
  • @justjessdcGuy soliciting for cause I'd support said he wouldn't get class credit (college effort apparently) unless I also gave donation. Bogus, yah?
  • @jeremyjojolaOh yeah.
  • @geekbeattvLatest News: Polycom RealPresence Group 500 Video Conferencing System
  • @OBEYGIANTThank you all for attending the Spirit Animal opening @subliminal_art! David Ellis (left) & Kevin Taylor (right)
  • @freelancersuNo amount of "catch up" sleep can ever reverse the effects of sleep loss on the body: via @TheAtlantic
  • @mashableScotland: The first results are in: Clackmannanshire is a NO: 46%.20 to 53.8% LIVE #indyref
  • @MotherJonesGuns are like hot chicks, colleges are overreacting to sexual assault, and moms belong in aprons. Welcome to the NRA!
  • @mirevjYes we have our own southwest flight!
  • @DesignerDepotResponsive Email Design Guide: How-To, Examples, Tips & More via @justcreative
  • @pulsdNYCFree Movie Monday at Huckleberry Bar: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - Part 2