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  • @orbitelevenEvery time I think I get the (real) spicy pepper and salt amount right, I still end up adding Peri Peri and garlic salt.
  • @NewYorkObserver#DoctorWho is back! Get our season eight premiere recap here.
  • @zeldmanRT @lukew: Adapting your voice & tone to different content types: my notes from @katekiefer talk at #aeachi
  • @renewabelleDear @sugarrae and @andrea_r: I’m thinking of you in these dark, uncertain times. Please let me know if I can help.
  • @michaelnobbsFrom the blog archive: Packing light as a metaphor for sustainable living
  • @designmilkRT @Quirky A1: Products that have a social impact. Clean water is something we'd love to work on. #ModernMonday
  • @GuildCinemaRT @MagnoliaPics: It's time for #BackToSchool again. Let's warm up our craniums with #filmformulas. What are your favorites? #Frank http://…
  • @zeldmanRT @shainarozen: Atomic design isn't a pattern library showing what a button looks like. It's a design system showing how content works tog…
  • @zeldmanBrad Frost - Atomic Design at An Event Apart Chicago 2014. #aeachi
  • @TheDandyWarholsRT @VoteYESon91: It's time to legalize recreational marijuana: Editorial endorsement for @VoteYESon91 @Oregonian
  • @designmilkRT @dwell Q1: If you could create anything, what would it be? @Quirky, what are some of the best product ideas you've seen? #ModernMonday
  • @designmilkRT @dwell Welcome to @doreenl of @quirky! #ModernMonday
  • @magdasawonRT @JohnPowersUS: Wants to be pres to all Americans (except her base). RT @jaketapper: Hillary Clinton ignores questions on Ferguson http:/…
  • @mashableRT @MashableLive: "We are required to leave here today and change things,” @TheRevAl said. “#MichaelBrown must be remembered for more than …
  • @krystalball"We are required to leave here today and change things." @TheRevAl in an incredible speech. Rest in peace #MichaelBrown
  • @LOLGOPAl Sharpton isn't perfect. But the conservatives who supported torture and the occupation of Iraq are so they should pick black leaders.
  • @LaughingSquidImpressionist Jim Meskimen Performs ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ Using 14 Different Celebrity Voices
  • @TomBodettI'll be live tweeting the #Emmys tonight if I completely run out of things to do and my legs are broken in front of the TV. Could happen.
  • @cldx3000That Gravity Falls Episode with the cloned Boyband is just hilarious, just full of comedy gold moments.
  • @nametagscottForce nothing, allow your work to lead you. We can’t make things happen the way we want. We can only create.