Thursday, June 21, 2012 13:33:35

Twitterscape from 2012-06-21+13-33-35

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@sipclipandgo: "officially not working out today. 2 workouts in extreme heat yesterday did me in. Another 100 degree day ahead. Uncle."

@Maryjane_Muffin: "Ugh. I hate making hard decisions."

@SY_Yuu: "アートリアはよ"

@SK_DonghaeSJ: "Akhirnya orderan makanan gueee dateng jugaaaa *tebar menyan*"

@MikeCantSlowDwn: "Each one of them represents a different dinosaur @iamnoimpact"

@pilya_oktaviani: "Ngpa?RT @musyrifa_rifa: pilya_oktaviani lahhhhh"

@pednumber28: "สรุปแล้วจะมาจริงๆซินะ แต่คงไม่ใช่ที่สยามเซ็นหรอกมั้งงงงง แต่ถึงยังไงก็คงไปไม่ได้ งานเยอะเีรียนแยะสอบกระจุย -w-"

@Brendycristiano: "#Brendycristiano""

@Ardiansyah_10: "ga' wes, ga' ono' spda, RT @MaulanaR_81 Melok.o i ayoo RT "@Ardiansyah_10: aku ae sing sak klas ga' d jak, -_-"

@NoSoy_Melisa: "Bueno, ni estoy tan felíz, estoy neutral hehehehehe."

@nnjueq21112: "RT @go_dakazundo: みんな仙台おいでよ。こうやって食べようよ、みんなでさ!"

@Shimician: "I am a christian. SoJ"

@svaahaaa: "うぃーあーりぶいんにゃいえろーさぶまりん にゃっ"

@JustMu_hoe: "Beach later"

@SicaaXD: "เราโกหกเธออยู่นะ ขอโทษ"

@AicaBoy: "pwede bang ibalik ang nangyare kanina??? hahahaha! :D"

@T_Glea: "If the moon was made of spare rib, would ya eat it? I would; heck, I'd have seconds"

@piscinebois1: "RT @webmarketing_dk LA TERRASSE DES BERNARDINI de Suzanne PROU, 1974: 2,00 EUR (0 Enchère)Fin: lundi juil.-02-2..."

@achmadbasyar: "good night silvia :* have a nice dream"

@kabe_murasaki: "鬱"


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