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Hey friends: look closely at your browser's tab, and at the logo - see anything? That's right, pixels! Our beloved pixels have found their way to the logo and the favicon of the site, so we have a consistent branding experience throughout. You'll notice that the pixel on the logo covers the dot in the name - just as it should - and guess what? Both of these images are derived from the last 'Scape made - so they change color every time!

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@bobjinx: "Vote Zoombinis!"

@LOLGOP: "The best part of the next GOP debate will be when the candidates explain which of their opponents should be deported."

@LOLGOP: "There's one reality where Republicans could do better with Latinos and Asians and another where they're doing what they're doing now."

@OneHeadlightInk: "Win your own #FilmNM plate from #NMFilm"

@codepo8: "Windows 10 virtual machines now available on Microsoft Edge Dev"

@feliciaday: "So basically there's nothing I won't do on the internet after dressing like this. Way worse than the pole dancing."

@LOLGOP: "RT @BeschlossDC: Women's right to vote in United States was guaranteed by Nineteenth Amendment, ratified 95 years ago tomorrow:…"

@cabq: "DYK: @UNM & @CNMonline students can enjoy free ABQ Ride passes. See #ABQ Student Guide:"

@LOLGOP: "Republicans want to replace birthright citizenship with a copy of the Art of the Deal and free bus trip to a mystery country."

@FastCompany: "Facebook revamps Notes, hoping a sexier interface will attract bloggers:"

@LuriaPetrucci: "Got to drive this beautiful Chevelle today for the #ConnectedTech episode @acedtect and I are…"

@alisonjardine: "Closer' 72"x50" oil on canvas... #painting #art ~ ."

@ChromiumDev: "RT @igrigorik: Eliminating Roundtrips with Preconnect: - (hot) new tool for your optimization toolbox!…"

@BoingBoing: "Deal of the day: 59% off 1st-gen @Lytro 16GB camera. After shooting, you can refocus, change perspective, view in 3D."

@xeni: "Deal of the day: 59% off 1st-gen @Lytro 16GB camera. After shooting, you can refocus, change perspective, view in 3D."

@dens: "Watched documentary on Tetris Masters yesterday called @EcstasyofOrder & it was *fantastic* / #DustingOffMyGameBoy"

@FineArtAmerica: "I liked a @YouTube video Dali (photography)"

@RHTAlbuquerque: "RT @RobertHalfTech: 4 questions to ask when hiring a new #ERP solutions expert"

@jasonsantamaria: "RT @rachelbaker: The Wirecutter is seeking a Senior Engineer to be the third member of our small, but mighty, engineering team:…"

@ThinkwithGoogle: "RT @Malbonnington: **Just Published** - 'YouTube Collaborations: How Agencies Can Successfully Partner with the New Culture Makers' https:/…"


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