Happy Birthday @emilysusanjones!

Twitterscape from 2015-09-14+17-34-54
Wishing Emily Jones a happy 33rd - wait - 32nd birthday!

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@waxlander: "Today is the last day of Matthew Higginbotham's "Exultation". Come in or click here http://t.co/c4VpF6oE85 http://t.co/WjsAmrhFjC"

@femme_esq: "It doesn't make sense to say that sex work is dangerous and often exploited AND that sex workers aren't real rape victims. At all."

@designmilk: "RT @CTBUH: Limitations in elevator tech have historically limited height. Recent innovations in elevators are changing this (2/2) #ModernM…"

@designmilk: "RT @CTBUH: A4: Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will break the 1000 meter barrier when it’s completed. (1/2) #modernmonday"

@designmilk: "RT @ZacharyEdelson: A4: Bringing public amenities higher up into towers, ensuring they don't become fortresses of solitude. #ModernMonday"

@NPR: "Onion Headlines Abound In Australia, Spurred By Cheeky Tribute To Tony Abbott http://t.co/bGA2uhSKZx"

@lifehacker: "RT @TwoCentsLH: Dwelling on past financial mistakes means you'll probably repeat them: http://t.co/kJ2b5pBBa9"

@LaughingSquid: "Brave Children Share Their Stories of Surviving Terrible Dad Jokes http://t.co/IiRW3RQSO5 http://t.co/EIpZwBmeQU"

@adrienneleigh: "RT @cleodee: Finally broke it to Ico that Morrisey was dropped from his label. http://t.co/XIQuHOBKY2"

@arthur_affect: "RT @HeerJeet: I know feel that this tweet might have been too optimistic: https://t.co/dDzwInP0uG"

@LOLGOP: "The last time America tried mass deportations, 60% of the those deported were U.S. citizens. http://t.co/2eMuTizoQ3"

@designmilk: "RT @LetUsSuppose: A4 Sustainability is key. For too long our bldgs have been inefficient. We can create bldgs that give back more than they…"

@designmilk: "RT @SusanSheehanGal: A4: We're still waiting for Frank Lloyd Wright's Mile High Tower. #ModernMonday @dwell http://t.co/2yp6KoBi9n"

@20x200: "Keep up on the latest NYC street art with these great photos from @josephholmes: http://t.co/PLbV5PChtU http://t.co/jpoY7mcHbM"

@pablogt: "RT @googleart: HUMAN is a sensitive and moving portrait of who we are. #WhatMakesUsHUMAN Watch the film: https://t.co/ZKvAEfwZCH http://t…"

@arthur_affect: "I accidentally tweeted this w/o finishing the sentence but I think I'll just leave it @arthur_affect"

@SueMalomo: "RT @CapeMedical: NEWS RELEASE: Michael Sheehan promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Cape Medical Supply. Congrats Mike! http://t.co/9u9nX…"

@BoingBoing: "Mondays we're like http://t.co/gd0VFEHW49"

@designmilk: "A4: Mixed use and shared space is going to continue to be a trend in future buildings, as well as increased safety. #modernmonday"

@KOATLiveUpdates: "Authorities: Woman hugged, groped on UNM campus http://t.co/F6KvTZU7E2"


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