Monday, September 14, 2015 20:48:03

Twitterscape from 2015-09-14+20-48-03

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@zeldman: "☞ Fear of a Tech Planet: in @alistapart, @susanjrobertson invites us to stop rejecting new challenges at work."

@LOLGOP: "Could be true but Kayne already announced for 2020."

@CrazyEgg: "A Google Decision That Could Be Great News for A/B Testers"

@femme_esq: "Lotta that going around today."

@ElizabethN: "Geez..."

@caseyjohnston: ""Rose gold is decadent. It is gold for people who already have enough gold gold." can confirm"

@femme_esq: "RT @DaraMWilson: If you complain that you "don't hear anyone talking about ___" you're following the wrong ppl, my sweet. You curated your …"

@femme_esq: "Right statement, wrong time. And way wrong industry."

@alisonjardine: "'Light, Hidden' 48"x60" oil on canvas... #art #painting"

@chaunceydevega: "RT @stanleyrogouski: @chaunceydevega Yep. Very similar to the obsession anti-Semites have with Jews."

@chaunceydevega: "RT @stanleyrogouski: @chaunceydevega They manage to be completely obsessed, yet completely wrong at the same time."

@chaunceydevega: "RT @stanleyrogouski: @chaunceydevega They're like people who spend years watching Star Trek but still can't tell the difference between Spo…"

@designmilk: "Doing What You Love: A Chat with Illustrator Miguelcm"

@MotherJones: "This video shows what it's like to drive through California's raging Valley Fire."

@femme_esq: "I really enjoy how this first response assumed that she was talking to, and about, him. So perfect."

@LOLGOP: "Trump: I warned everyone 9/11 was coming from the very beginning, all the way back in 2002."

@mashable: "A Whitney Houston hologram will dance with everybody on world tour:"

@TechFiestaABQ: "RT @MegNordmann: @TechFiestaABQ @ABQNewsCastic @ewhitmore Woops! Hit "Tweet" too fast... Correct hashtag: #TechCoABQ ...Hope to see you the…"

@femme_esq: "RT @tauriqmoosa: Of course this is the first response to a woman making a flowchart about things being explained to women…"

@amandamakepeace: "Working on something special. :) #lotr #elvish #thehobbit #writing"


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