Celebrating Meghan's survival

Twitterscape from 2015-09-15+14-49-49
These are the first moments of a new life for Meghan. They will be full of strength and power, no matter what I wish her, so I wish her peace.

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@ewhitmore: "RT @HartfordSq: Edible Marigolds, purple Eggplant, yellow Bell Peppers and red & yellow Tomatoes... #organic… https://t.co/7sUojKGwKg"

@philsturgeon: "I did it! One month of #PhilNoBooze, through two conferences, is done! https://t.co/1GuVhiRUZe Throw in some money for @BrakingAids please!!"

@arthur_affect: "RT @doctorow: Kickstarting an inclusive RPG based on HP Lovecraft's works http://t.co/vJ9le4eIz1 http://t.co/149dVgBEEu"

@_youhadonejob: "Fan has the perfect reaction to a Mexican wave. http://t.co/1YuKsF3F3a"

@ianlandsman: "RT @zenmatt: @dhh Figured it was bad when they started selling socks => https://t.co/n9Zxf8FusZ"

@99u: "Sao Paulo was a great success last night! http://t.co/woXmgy4fi3 We love the unique style and photos! http://t.co/Zs6nNrmsBf"

@KristaKotrla: "2015 State of Sales -- Data-Driven, Mobile, Tech Savvy and Collaborative via @Tiffani_Bova @ValaAfshar http://t.co/War9xB5Ris"

@rainnwilson: "I call him Theodore Bridgewater."

@alisonjardine: "Light, Nexus' 50"x72" oil on canvas... #art ~ http://t.co/rrPpEwbDIS #painting"

@TechFiestaABQ: "RT @businessinsider: The spectacularly successful life of Palmer Luckey, the 22-year-old who founded Oculus http://t.co/DaQBTpPlBQ http://t…"

@dens: "RT @SoccerSt_: Galatasaray.. "


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