Wednesday, October 14, 2015 21:51:16

Twitterscape from 2015-10-14+21-51-16

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@Bungie: "Eris Mor(la) As seen on the Creations page: @actor_morla"

@FatPipeABQ: "Today's topic at #StartUPSchool - Product Viability! Thank you @iA_UNM for bringing these classes to @FatPipeABQ ! #whyfatpipeabqrocks"

@philsturgeon: "RT @WesleyLowery: this is 'literally' inaccurate"

@orbiteleven: "@brianarn I like it!"

@orbiteleven: "RT @cperciva: .@Uber should offer free rides to/from polling stations on election day. It would be a public service and would easily pay fo…"

@brianarn: "@orbiteleven you should put this idea forward :D"

@_L_I_S_S_A: "BEST DAY AT WORK EVER!-- I walk out of the bathroom to see this little guy and his siblings chillin…"

@BreakingNews: "1 man is dead, as many as 10 injured in hammer attack in Lillooet, British Columbia - @CP24"

@nrrrdcore: ""Not just black women, but hispanic women. Let a woman of color be honest w/ u about what’s going on, you’ll learn.""

@ElizabethN: "@schmalliso maybe I'll skip mine and come to yours instead"

@RepLujanGrisham: "RT @RepKathleenRice: Economy would be deeply harmed by @HouseGOP majority's failure to meet upcoming deadlines. Time to end the chaos & put…"

@schmalliso: "Or hang out with me! Our talks are at the same time. :sadpanda:"

@philsturgeon: "I found it! The inject_beef() function from Squiz Bahahahaha why"

@RepLujanGrisham: "Thanks to Sandoval County for including my office at it’s first-ever Collaboration Summit. #WorkingTogether"

@wonderstatus: "Hangzhou - Unexpected Outage - We are currently experiencing an extended outage in our Hangzhou, China..."

@nrrrdcore: "RT @TechCrunch: Slack Engineer Erica Baker: Diversity Efforts Need To Extend Beyond Gender by @meganrosedickey"

@ngconf: "Watch for the coming news about the #ngconf2016 scholarship program."

@preinheimer: "@funkatron I love you."


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