Tuesday, October 20, 2015 18:34:36

Twitterscape from 2015-10-20+18-34-36

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@DougieLawson: "@andysc EBCDIC has "-" at 0x60"

@jesslynnrose: "My laptop has just started a loud popping static sound as I'm about to go on a business trip and give a talk. Not super happy."

@miksago: "RT @lookbook: "Eat Me" by @ZoeDeluge: https://t.co/yh8tPIlBXz #kawaii #pastel #romantic #ootd https://t.co/UrpksWkhRA"

@bkerensa: "So excited to try @StickerMule’s new transfer stickers https://t.co/YA2ejXb8ld"

@GabrielleNYC: "#Twitter hires New York Times editor at large for its Moments channel https://t.co/xkSQ1XY4vM https://t.co/LersO6SqtM"

@jonnymorris1973: "My CDs in wrong order. #ScaryStoryIn5Words"

@twitterforgood: "Fantastic to welcome @Flight employees @NeighborNest volunteering to teach #coding with @YearUpBayArea https://t.co/sN9vXkzXzX"

@Herring1967: "RT @TimeOut_Comedy: Wowsers. @EddieIzzard's doing @Herring1967's RHLSTP on Sun (replacing Grayson Perry.) There are a few tickets left… htt…"

@clarashih: "Core CEO skill is ability to keep re-founding company, eg Bezos says @peterfenton #JPMrevolution @chase"

@ukmoose: "Found him! A selfie with Boris at @iotlondon"

@jowyang: "RT @amybishop: Target partners with ThreadUp to give store credit for used clothes https://t.co/uijWztZr3T @jowyang"

@unkn0wnvariable: "RT @BBCTwo: A car rolls off the production line every 68 seconds. Less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea. #CarsLive https://t.co/…"

@jonnymorris1973: "Photo of Web 3 cinders. #ScaryStoryIn5Words"

@adrianco: "RT @jpaulreed: Yes: I trotted out the Trek tie for #DOES15! https://t.co/hSczjC1GPJ"

@sebgoa: "bummed that my talk did not get in #kubecon but I am stoked with some of the #kubernetes tools I have been working on"

@WiredUK: "Metal Gear Solid creator @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN (may have) quit Konami https://t.co/ipNlCdnPLv https://t.co/4DtYm8YqSx"

@Roosie: "RT @EWild: “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand. @bomber @LizzDev @Roosie"

@jezprime: "RT @StackDevJobs: ZeroTurnaround (@zeroturnaround) is hiring https://t.co/QvpPwXhWXs #java #android"

@RotundaKingston: "Meet Snoopy & Charlie Brown on 29th Oct & design your very own Peanut Gang tote #ThumbsUpItsThursday > https://t.co/vLLWPbTXbd"

@ntlk: "RT @VersoBooks: To be real: On trans aesthetics & authenticity—@glittercrisis examines fashion, online & IRL https://t.co/EwGgN9HN06 https:…"


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