Tuesday, October 20, 2015 18:34:51

Twitterscape from 2015-10-20+18-34-51

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@chrismessina: "@janamal @flight @andypiper thanks guys!"

@hykavitha: "@andypiper Hi Andypiper, can you please take a look at the issue I have posted at twitter community https://t.co/Q2MiNPAo3N"

@jeffsand: "@andypiper @Gnip looking good! It would be cool if you followed @mopub and incorporated a small Larry. https://t.co/blhW6jKHIp #onetwitter"

@tiny_yottabyte: "@andysc Reminds me of @andypiper's tweet: "Your mother's maiden name must be six characters or more""

@PeteM: "@andypiper hehe like your sweatshirt!"

@JoBurford_: "A breakfast combo of @TwitterUK and @JoinNiche "


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