Thursday, October 22, 2015 19:56:02

Twitterscape from 2015-10-22+19-56-02

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@followconcierge: "Our pres @LauraHBrady filming a Q&A with @InmanNews behind the scenes at #ICLX - tune in to hear her live at 3:45!"

@tiyannalong: "An App Matches Students with College Scholarships They Can Use | Innovation | Smithsonian"

@FiveThirtyEight: "2015-16 NBA Preview: The Hornets coulda been a contender"

@7x7: "Start planning your next camping trip at one of these beautiful fall campsites."

@SFist: "93 cases of shigella in San Jose, 2 lawsuits and counting."

@harper: "Dan is on a tear. Give him *any* word"

@CassandraRules: "US Federal Investigators Launch Probe Into CIA Director Brennan Email Hack"

@harper: "RT @EricaJoy: accurate"

@bklyn1834: "House jam with @nolan_thies @DJBadLuck @ShaneMakesBeats @GarciaDanny @Yayennings @SoftGlas and @ATRx777"

@tim_mulshine: "Didn't we already debate and decide the zoning when we passed BV & LM specific plans?"

@FiveThirtyEight: "In the mid-90s, only 1 in 5 minimum-wage workers was still earning minimum wage a year later. Today, it's 1 in 3."

@DavidChiu: "RT @a_h_sebastian: @DavidChiu quotes Saul Alinsky, challenged housing advocates to raise our voices#CalRHS2015"

@someecards: "Biracial student makes video showing the very different lives of her grandmothers."

@DavidChiu: "RT @officialKCN: Asm @DavidChiu to @CalRuralHousing attendees: You all are fighting some of the most-righteous fights.…"

@DavidChiu: "RT @CalRuralHousing: Listening to Asm David Chiu discuss AB 35 @DavidChiu #CalRHS2015"

@SFist: "BART Is Not About That Vape Life, Makes Ban Explicit With Signs"

@FiveThirtyEight: "RT @ForecasterEnten: I give it to the great charts team here for this awesome chart on Ryan vs. McCarthy/Boehner ht…"

@LibbySchaaf: "State of the City | October 28 | Open House 4-7pm | Address at 5:45pm | 14th & Broadway. VIDEO invitation"

@TEDTalks: "6 fascinating #TEDTalks on how language changes over time:"

@alyspereira: "hanging out with the boys for my bday courtesy of @bayareamoms"


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