Thursday, October 22, 2015 19:57:24

Twitterscape from 2015-10-22+19-57-24

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@racingmix: "@hwz BRIDGE for Social Good engineer call"

@racingmix: "Shout out to #BackToTheFuture today October 21, 2015. Lesson takeaway: TIME WAITS FOR NO (WO)MAN in fact or fiction."

@racingmix: "@racingmix "The 14ft. truck box is sparse, a bed, dresser, and a coat rack to hang up my clothes, stuffed animals.""

@racingmix: "@tiyannalong Sisters have so much steez, it hurtz!"

@racingmix: "RT @isisAnchalee: @racingmix @ODALC @TwitterSF I can relate, I have no idea who I am either. ("

@racingmix: ";@isisAnchalee my @ODALC colleagues made fun of the fact that I had no idea who you were when comparing your #nasa shirt to tattoo @TwitterSF"

@racingmix: "@LWichinsky Good meeting you tonight, Laura. Let's get down with the BRIDGE for Social Good with @ODALC"

@racingmix: "@hwz nice meeting you at tonight's gathering. Engineer call! Referred to @ODALC new platform, "BRIDGE for Social Good.""

@racingmix: "RT @shaun_tai: PHOTO: @ODALC + @Adobe representin at @TwitterSF - #beautiful #energy! @LWichinsky & @timrosenblatt PC: @racingmix https://…"

@racingmix: "Taking care of business #ilooklikeanengineer photo by @hwz"

@racingmix: "$50,000,000,000/annual sales by 2020 claims @NikeLab, $7B alone from "Mobile is where it's at." #hypebeast #victim"

@racingmix: "Rose House Pavilion 370 Beech Highland Park 4 bed/bath 4300 sqft. Sold 2014: $1.06M. Because morning espresso w/ art"

@racingmix: "#Salespersons are not independent, but an agent of their employing broker. Thus, a broker is responsible for all of their agent's services."

@racingmix: "#Brokers independently deal directly with the public to offer, contract and render brokerage services for compensation/licensed activities."

@racingmix: "@lisasy @shaun_tai @twitter insightful feedback and design functionality notes"

@racingmix: "@carolpereza @ODALC @TwitterSF @PlayWell_TEK You put on a memorable Friday doing good on many level thanks for the hospitality @carolpereza"

@racingmix: "@LindaPoeng @codeblast @Nate_Van_Dusen @shaun_tai @twitter @codeblast @shaun_tai @Nate_Van_Dusen @ODALC Very inspirational day at the office"

@racingmix: "RT @shaun_tai: "Teamwork without #collaboration is not #teamwork." @codeblast #BRIDGEforSocialGood + #FridayForGood @TwitterSF HQ http://t.…"

@racingmix: "RT @carolpereza: @ODALC having fun @TwitterSF #FridayForGood Thank you @PlayWell_TEK for the #Awesome lego sign @racingmix…"

@racingmix: "RT @LindaPoeng: @codeblast @Nate_Van_Dusen @shaun_tai @racingmix #FridayForGood @Twitter Twerking on #BRIDGEforSocialGood…"


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