Thursday, October 22, 2015 19:57:54

Twitterscape from 2015-10-22+19-57-54

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@racingmix: "@racingmix "The 14ft. truck box is sparse, a bed, dresser, and a coat rack to hang up my clothes, stuffed animals.""

@isisAnchalee: "@racingmix @ODALC @TwitterSF I can relate, I have no idea who I am either. ("

@shaun_tai: ";PHOTO: @ODALC + @Adobe representin at @TwitterSF - #beautiful #energy! @LWichinsky & @timrosenblatt PC: @racingmix"

@shaun_tai: "#Cramped x3 x #Embarcadero 2 #Biketoberfest & back 2 #CrissyField w/ #WoS x #yikes x #dontdothatma x PC: @racingmix"

@carolpereza: "@ODALC having fun @TwitterSF #FridayForGood Thank you @PlayWell_TEK for the #Awesome lego sign @racingmix"

@LindaPoeng: "@codeblast @Nate_Van_Dusen @shaun_tai @racingmix #FridayForGood @Twitter Twerking on #BRIDGEforSocialGood"

@yudy_coco: "@racingmix lol that's great :)"

@baebaespice: "@racingmix @Slumworm @mashsf how is the driver?"

@shaun_tai: "PHOTOBOOTH: Team @ODALC -> @racingmix @christianong @shaun_tai at #GeneralAssemblySF #LifeatGA @GA_SF #Design4Good !"

@steephill: "@racingmix Thanks Wilson. Cheers."

@academik: "making dinner and listening to SF Deep House from @racingmix. Excellent to cook to."

@academik: "@racingmix What's best email for you?"

@academik: "@racingmix I'm Kota's old roommate. Wondered if there's anywhere I can find music from your Racingmix CD? So many good memories!"

@erock1211: "@racingmix just saw a live feed of this guy and looked up his name. Wow. He was amazing. Thanks for sharing @BethRiesgraf"

@racingmix: "@racingmix @FineLineImports @Blackdiamondcaf see y'all Sunday afternoon."

@Jfalkenthal: "@racingmix @bromptonusa Hey! It says that the video is private."

@Kathorsman: "@racingmix @JackLondonSq yes it is!"

@glittrz: "@racingmix Aw! That was great, nice song selection, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to doing it again next year :)"

@Carl242: "@racingmix Nice! Yes, that's me failing at folding my brommie while blindfolded, and taking the trophy bags with my awesome team! Thanks :)"

@threebee3b: "@racingmix @lauraomeara McAffee virus alert!!!! Needs de-bugging! "


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