Happy Birthday Denise

Twitterscape from 2015-11-23+22-11-28
A very happy birthday to @DeniseJacobs! May you have a day off!

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@chrisfarnold: "Monster #travelhacking move. MT @ramit: Billionaire buys painting with AmEx card, gets tens of millions of points: https://t.co/am8N9U8WBE"

@FineArtAmerica: "RT @elenathewise: Very #popular #photo of mine. Order your #Christmas cards and #gifts or choose from 125 more https://t.co/QvwJJ332Vd http…"

@BlackGirlNerds: "RT @JenetAllDay: @BlackGirlNerds Remember in school, how we used to be tested for reading comprehension? Need to develop a test for watchin…"

@BlackGirlNerds: "Not a peep. https://t.co/2TJNytycoe"

@adrienneleigh: "RT @mistydemeo: Food is not software and no one should be defending food like this https://t.co/1b2Tu7fadC"

@MuseumModernArt: "Tomorrow night: Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson introduce "The Forbidden Room." https://t.co/JiFV1ImtCZ #MoMAContenders https://t.co/19kLelsFHl"

@adrienneleigh: "RT @mistydemeo: Reminder that Soylent is literally shipping a product known to maybe contain mould, and there are fans defending it https:/…"

@wilw: "C25K Week 5, Workout 2: 4.4 miles in 53 minutes. 23 minutes running, 30 minutes walking. REALLY challenging due to heat and low humidity."

@adrienneleigh: "RT @mumbly_joe: My god I still can't get over this r/Soylent thread https://t.co/BsUJmEXvUZ"

@mashable: "26 songs for f*ck-ups, losers and dirtbags: https://t.co/mZhRZSluZf https://t.co/KNgR8YACdE"

@AmandaMarcotte: "RT @AndrayDomise: @AmandaMarcotte Absolutely. Her reluctance to bring police into it? Started to frustrate me for a minute, and then the pe…"

@ewhitmore: "RT @SantaFeFW: Congratulations to our friends at @1MillionCupsABQ @goABQid @SantaFeInc @ewhitmore @BreezyNM @PlugSolar https://t.co/WYqezR1…"

@courtneyBolton: "Metadata Investigation: Inside Hacking Team. We reconstructed the daily lives of participants using only metadata - https://t.co/WqaxYo6sqK"

@LOLGOP: "RT @AriBerman: Americans spent 23 million hours waiting to vote in 2012 election, costing US economy $544 million https://t.co/snoZRd3wM9"

@om: "Just because they bought @hblodget expertise doesn't mean they become smart about the Internet. https://t.co/5P6nnl0Rtm"

@DeepakChopra: "RT @SagesScientists: Please read: Want to Lead a Happier Life? Talk to Your Genes by @DeepakChopra https://t.co/e2g6Y5jzkX #SuperGenes"

@mashable: "RT @ParisVictims: This tweet is in honor of a 25-year-old Swedish woman who died during the Paris attacks. Her name has been withheld. #enm…"

@lifecritic: "I'm sort of in love with whoever writes the dialogues in iZombie's season 2."

@jeff_goldenberg: "RT @MyBorrowell: T-minus 1-hr until @MaRSDD's #P2PLending event @Fundthrough @LendingLoop @Lendified @poweredbygrow @ThinkingCap_Inc https:…"


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