Tuesday, September 27, 2016 22:03:39

Twitterscape from 2016-09-27+22-03-39

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@BlackGirlNerds: "Misty Knight, My Black Girl Magic Reserve Runneth Over… https://t.co/FKU1UbdXXR https://t.co/2K8QKcw2Hp"

@EvrydayFeminism: "This shows exactly why the idea that "healthy = skinny" needs to stop. https://t.co/QzQZ2dUTUK via @Upworthy #bodyimage #health"

@BlackGirlNerds: "RT @questlove: Can't. Stop. Watching. https://t.co/Mm9gbnpn25"

@FullFrontalSamB: "Sam is bravely posting a #NoMakeupSelfie to inspire you to register to vote on #NationalVoterRegistrationDay. Go to… https://t.co/7vSE6UVWkt"

@BlackGirlNerds: "RT @GeeksOfColor: Remember your avi when you first started Twitter? Well it's all grown up. https://t.co/8jahlmMzDl"

@TheEllenShow: "This might be my favorite episode of #TheTylerOakleyShow so far, besides the one I’m in. @TylerOakley… https://t.co/waUeufsKlp"

@HillaryClinton: "This election is too important to sit out. Go to https://t.co/tTgeqxNqYm and make sure you're registered. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay -H"

@HillaryClinton: "When Donald Trump goes low...register to vote: https://t.co/tTgeqxNqYm https://t.co/DXz9dEwsZS"

@fifthwavefem: "RT @GodfreyElfwick: When women must go to these lengths to protect themselves how can people still claim we don't live in a rape culture? h…"

@messypixels: "More than the Tshirt, I appreciate this collision of my head and the @digitalocean sharky when signing up for… https://t.co/ULSIDAKAgv"

@justjessdc: "RT @LeafletJS: The wait is over! Leaflet 1.0 final released, a culmination of 2 years of work and the best release ever. "


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