Tuesday, January 10, 2017 19:52:54

Twitterscape from 2017-01-10+19-52-54

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@SBlanquera: "The Best from the FreshBooks Blog: 2016 Roundup https://t.co/qiU4XKf9pD"

@LoriG: "Uhhh... he thinks this is just switching from aetna to blue cross doesn't he (also, even that takes a while) https://t.co/Z6gMA2dDDj"

@angrybrad: "@natetronn looks similar... will check them out. Thx! @theTunnelBear"

@cghoseBiz1st: "RT @columbusbiz1st: Whit's Frozen Custard closes in the Short North, citing high costs & parking woes https://t.co/Lp2zGxZbNs https://t.co/…"

@angrybrad: "@natetronn Looks similar... will check them out. Thx! @theTunnelBear"

@elstamey: "RT @gdirdu: Hey Raleigh coders, join us tomorrow @TheMorningTimes at 6pm for a Raleigh edition of Code + Coffee. https://t.co/ehpDCTBY41 ht…"

@chrisrowe: "@johnwbaxter @cwcrawley @SlackHQ Yea, thought I’d missed the announcement "


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