Thursday, January 12, 2017 22:40:27

Twitterscape from 2017-01-12+22-40-27

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@RaRaPenguin: "Took munchkins out for a 1.5 mile run after mine &they decided to do #randomactofkindness by leaving flowers on mai…"

@antiheroine: "RT @OregonZoo: Snow day! ❄️☃️ #pdxsnow"

@cczona: "RT @missokistic: As an American living abroad, I get a lot of questions about US healthcare, so I made a flowchart to try to explain the ba…"

@lisatwoodard: "Learning about and celebrating "Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr""

@jtu: "RT @cheerful_ExGF: Think the ACA going won't affect you b/c you get healthcare at work?"

@HueManjf: "I tweet therefore I am"

@HueManjf: "RT @BBCWorld: US visa-free residency for Cubans ‘to end’"

@jtu: "RT @MsPackyetti: Working on next steps now, but know 2 things- 1. The House takes this up Friday. To call them- enter your zip here: https…"

@cczona: "RT @tinyrevolution: This kind of monstrous, real life super villainy was quite common pre-ACA. Read @xeni's whole story here:…"

@HueManjf: "RT @operaqueenie: This is a great piece. I especially appreciate the set up. Really digging it. Kudos, @adampisoni."

@jbrains: "Thermostat on The Goldbergs is exactly the same one we had before the renovations."

@carolinecblaker: "This site is cray && it has your personal information. Opt out via the privacy link at the bottom"

@lisatwoodard: "Aeiou Discovery Education Teaching Strategy Interpret Videos. Pair-share."

@NoToFeminism: "I don't need fimeme I love that lots of men are in charge of women's reproductive choices it is so calming & allows me time to do crosswords"

@PaulMitchum: "Thread:"

@ClothoMoirai: "RT @TransEthics: With a name like Zucker, it just HAS to be transphobic."

@infinite_scream: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH"

@iansltx: "Doing the usual for my @austinphp talk prep: playing with code to figure out edge cases/incantations so you don't have to. Topic? Signals."

@jbrains: "Rüdesheimer Cappuccino"

@chachina: "That moment when the Russians take over @cspan's coverage of @MaxineWaters speaking on the floor in Congress "


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