Thursday, January 12, 2017 22:41:53

Twitterscape from 2017-01-12+22-41-53

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@maiarcberts: "RT @korrasam: there's nothing normalizing or taboo-destroying about 2 straight men or women kissing each other if it's for an audience to g…"

@GreatBossMoves: " #shoes Nike Men's Zoom Speed TR2 TB Training Shoes 725181 100 White/Black/Grey"

@katiemansfieldd: "RT @azalben: Biden just quoted, off the top of his head, an Irish poet, then the Talmud. I'm going to miss intelligent, emotional men so mu…"

@GoldlineCurling: "RT @UnhingedCurling: On to Thur night of the 3rd event QF of the @GoldlineCurling @torontocurling Men's Championships @LeasideCurling"

@TRHS_Rowdies: "Alrighty Rough Rider fans it's time for the Cowboys vs. Indians as RHS Men's Basketball takes on Copley tomorrow @ 7.. WESTERN THEME! #yee"

@alltingpa: "@joellandberg @Toppenkille Ja, tänker att det nog finns saker som skulle vara en lättnad även för er om ni slapp, m…"

@aseya96: "RT @ddalgiagashi: This tweet lowkey just said that women are weak and men are strong and when they're in love they exchange powers lmfao wh…"

@wep_stockport: "Amanda Yates @Shelter agreed women do face additional vulnerabilities whilst sleep rough that men don't.…"

@_Laone_: "RT @DrChaeEd: "


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