Thursday, July 27, 2017 22:16:15

Twitterscape from 2017-07-27+22-16-15

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@carolinecblaker: "Fulcrum fund application 'Scape by @carolinecblaker-"

@jeremylatham: "@turnandface @carolinecblaker Sorry it was Server Pilot offering AutoSSL based on Let's Encrypt."

@jeremylatham: "@turnandface @carolinecblaker Probably not. I only learned they offered them today."

@turnandface: "@jeremylatham @carolinecblaker Extended Validation certs?"

@jeremylatham: "@turnandface @carolinecblaker Digital Ocean includes auto-ssl with all paid accounts."

@turnandface: "@carolinecblaker Thanks Caroline, we looked at them a while back and there was something stopping us. Might be time to revisit."

@litescript: "@carolinecblaker music life"

@litescript: "@carolinecblaker I SUPPORT THIS"

@zwizki: "@lifecritic @carolinecblaker Eating food is also overrated, we can just leave that off the budget. -an international restaurant chain"

@low: "@carolinecblaker Hah, sticking to human powered bikes for now, although the latter might still be true."

@showupforthis: "@carolinecblaker I'm so sorry for what you've experienced and I'm so glad you finally made it out "


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