Friday, March 2, 2018 23:43:41

Twitterscape from 2018-03-02+23-43-41

The following tweets contributed to this 'Scape:

@kait_tiffany: ""

@afreedma: "Interesting choice not to mention sea level rise in this story. It's important long-term context. You'll find it in…"

@thehill: "Delta: Only 13 tickets were sold under the NRA discount program we cut"

@KOINNews: "RT @DanTilkinKOIN6: I had a wonderful time. The kids were so polite and enthusiastic. Can't wait for next year #ReadAcrossAmericaDay https:…"

@GideonResnick: "The two genders"

@mcsweeneys: "NYC: come help us celebrate the release of Quarterly 52! @mcnallyjackson on 3/15, 7pm."

@afreedma: "@billmckibben Winds just gusted to 90 mph in Wellfleet, Mass., per @ericfisher"

@pleatedjeans: "RETWEET? More like RETREAT to an abandoned village to live out your remaining days in quiet solitude"

@chrislhayes: "100% correct."

@ACLU: "Not one that following it's own Constitution."

@billmckibben: "The pictures from the Massachusetts coast are gripping. And now it's dark, and headed for peak tide around 11 pm."

@NRDC: "RT @NRDC: Seriously? It’s 2018 and Scott Pruitt doesn’t understand how climate change works. This man cannot be trusted to protect our envi…"

@thehill: "Shep Smith: Trump's due process comments are "as un-American as imaginable""

@theintercept: "With consumers choosing more humane egg products, lobbyists for the poultry industry are pushing laws that would fo…"

@afreedma: "RT @weatherdak: Gorgeous imagery of a storm that will be one for the books."

@nytimesarts: "The star pianist Daniil Trifonov has made intriguing choices for his series at Carnegie Hall. The most touching eve…"

@mattyglesias: "Incidentally, even if were true that the new bank deregulation bill only deregulated small community banks that wou…"

@afreedma: "RT @KathrynProciv: Would beat the record that's been standing since The Perfect Storm in 1991"

@afreedma: "RT @ericfisher: We have another 90mph gust...this one in Wellfleet"

@portlandmercury: "As if you needed an excuse to have a cocktail every night of the week…#pdxhighball"


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